Power up your Cybercafe business with EZLink

EZLink is an excellent management, monitoring and billing system for Internet and Gaming cafes. It simplifies and automates running your Internet Cafe business. Unlike many other competitive programs, ezlink is robust, quick, secure and very intuitive and easy to use.

Cloud Billing

Game Reload System

Ads Services


Roaming Feature

Cloud-based solution lets you manage and group unlimited cybercafe location from the Cloud.

Online Management

Monitor and generates a variety of reports thru online, it includes inventory, sales report, product sales etc. This feature can help you optimize your business anywhere.

Time Management

Completely automates time management job in the Cybercafe. It shows the login time, total time along with the charges on both the client and administrator screen. Thus it reduces all human labor required in doing the same manually.

Coupon Mode

Even thought that a promotion can last for 2 weeks or a month? Coupon mode makes promotion possible to last more than a day as long the coupon is purchased during promotional period and within the valid duration.

Advance Reporting

Generate a variety of different statistical reports, including product sales reports, application usage reports , and employee statistics.

Cloud Network

Data will be available locally and remotely. Prevent modifications of sensitive data. Centralize backup featured.

Inventory System

You can manage your products, perform stock tracking, generate sales report which is compatible with any browser on your PC or mobile.

Client Security

With EZLink, worry no more about customers hacking your PCs and play for free. It prevents any unauthorized access beyond the admin.

Membership System

You can offer and provide attractive promotion or reward to your loyalty customer spending in outlet.

Cyber Cafe Billing Management System with Game Reload System

Sell from Cashier
Customer can direct purchase the product at cashier.
Buy at Client
Customer can purchase the product in front of screen.

We offer these services in Game Reload System

Game Reload Card

Mobile Reload Card

Why EZLink Game Reload System

Safe and Security

User can control credit and limit staff credit quote
when selling products.

Live Reporting

Quickly generate a variety of different statistical
reports via web or mobile. This component can
offer you some assistance with optimizing your
business anyplace.

24/7 Operation Hour

Maintained this business entire day
without downtime. Appreciate complete
administration support.

Boost Your Business

Attract more traffic from the customer to
your cybercafe, this way enjoying greater
customer loyalty and increased customer
happiness which will only serve to make
more profit.

User-friendly Interface

Simple user interface that is easy to
understand and operate.

Our Mission

We persist in expanding our range of products while maintaining the absolute top quality of services provided. Much effort for new breakthroughs is underway to ensure that EZLink will always be able to meet our core customers’ needs of current future trends.

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